“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” ~George Bernard Shaw


Born in 1973 in Salzburg, Austria. Lives and works in Vöcklabruck, Austria.

1992 International Summer Academy for Fine Arts in Salzburg, Austria; "Free Painting" class with Erwin Bohatsch.

1994-1995 Neue Wiener Kunstschule, painting class; Vienna, Austria

2000-2004 Study of painting, Academy of Fine Arts; Vienna, Austria; Masterclass of Muntean and Rosenblum

2004-2006 Study of Graphic Arts, Royal Danish Art Academy; Copenhagen, Denmark; Masterclass of Erik Steffensen

2007 Graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts; Vienna, Austria

2008-2010 Single- and Group Shows at Stalke Art Gallery, Kirke Sonnerup, Denmark

Susanne Eybl brings a world that is imaginative, colorful, humorous, psychedelic, and yet sometimes somber and intense. Much as life itself, her drawings juxtapose the good and the bad, the grotesque and the harmonious, the naive and the shrewd, the vivid and the decaying, the earnest and the jesting, the magical and the mundane. This creates a complex display of elements in which hope lives side by side despair, life alongside death, mature next to infantile, and the strong is entwined with the fragile. In seeing all this, the observer is always given a choice: to succumb to the dark elements that lurk within and around us, or to ride on whatever positive there is, ascend, and become uplifted. The drawings do not disclose which way prevails, but neither does life itself. 


Adam Weisser